What’s new at AM Used Car 2015?

5 August 2015

At AM has this year, we have cast our net further afield when devising content and speakers to our highly popular Used Car Conference to attract delegates and input from the many highly professional used car operators in the independent sector.

The franchised and independent sectors tend to view each other as competitors, but in many respects, independent dealers and franchised used car operators often complement each other and can even provide additional business for one another as well as providing insight and best practice which can be adopted by both.

Stock profiles of independent retailers compared to franchised dealers can often be markedly different offering potential business opportunities which many operators are already undertaking. For example, vehicles a franchised dealer may take in part-exchange may not match their stock profile and rather than shouldering the expense of the auction, independent outlets may be interested in retailing that stock providing a profitable disposal stream for the franchised dealer and a valuable source of stock for the independent business. Likewise, independent retailers which stock newer vehicles or operate in a niche sector may benefit from manufacturer approved service facilities provided by franchised dealers to prep vehicles to the highest standards.

As well as creating a relaxed and informal environment which will encourage franchised dealers and independent operators to come together, many of the issues and challenges within the used car market are common to both.

Commented AM managing editor Tim Rose: “We are confident that by providing an environment where both the franchised and independent sectors can come together under one roof, recognise their commonalities, celebrate their differences and identify ways in which they can work better together to benefit their respective businesses, will prove productive and profitable.

“Many of the challenges faced by the independent and franchised sector are similar and our conference will address a wide range of those issues. Our expert speakers will provide insight, practical ideas and share best practice to help retailers futureproof their retail outlets and maximise every revenue stream whilst delivering the best outcomes for their customers.”

As well as expert speakers, the AM conference will host an exhibitors’ hall where delegates can browse the array of suppliers and products on the market to help them improve their used car operation in an informal and relaxing atmosphere.